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Enigma 2 Tools for MAC OS X

I am not using Apple computers but I decided that it would be appropriate to find all E2 tools that work on Apple equipment. First tool that I would like to present you is:


With this software you can edit your favorite lists (bouquets), read and search the EPG, set and edit timer events, watch television or hear radio. iDreamX works with MAC OSX and with all Enigma 2 receivers: Dreambox, VU+, Xtrend, Clarke-Tech, GigaBlue, Azbox, etc. Latest version can be obtained on this webpage! I cannot tell you my personal experiences with this piece of software but you really dont have any other options if you have only Apple computers at home. But I believe that this software is good and I also see that author is regularly updating it.

IPKG Builder

This tool comes handy when you want to create .ipk files in order to distribute your own or modded plugins and skins. This tool does all dirty work for you. It creates control file, debian-binary file, it compresses individual files and put them into ipk file. If you decide to use this tool and have any problems or suggestions, please send an email to the author: dimfil.sat@gmail.com


Sadly, this is the end of this list of OSX supported Enigma 2 tools. If you are aware of any other tools for OSX, please leave a post here: https://www.satnigmo.com/forum/index.php?threads/enigma-2-tools-for-mac-os.559/

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