CCcam Server Testline

Do you want CCcam server testline?  Usually you can get free test C line if you ask premium cccam provider for it. Check this article for list of forums where you can find these providers.


EuroCardSharing Review


As you probably know, Eurocardsharing is the biggest cardsharing forum in the Europe. You cant find payservers there, they only offer free card exchanges. They have very strict rules (admins are good), so be careful that you wont get banned.

On their site you can find A TON of different user posts, different tutorials/guides and of course card exchange sections. These sections are: CCcam, MBox, Gbox and Newcamd

Visit this site here:


Free CardSharing Servers Collection


Free CardSharing Servers

Free Cardsharing server are only useful for testing. They are not good for everyday use as these servers are overcrowded with people and this means you will get freezing picture etc. I would also like to mention that these servers dont last long. They are just temporary and are usually quickly closed.

Here are a few sites with free cardsharing servers:


Pay CCcam Servers Collection

Here is collection of different websites that offer pay CCcam servers:

Remember this! You can use these C lines with OScam too. Pay CCcam servers are not something that i would recommend but they are popular among sat community. I would suggest you try to avoid them as they are benefiting from other people cards. But if you dont care about this, well… its your decision.


How to find Free Cardsharing Servers

Free CardSharing servers are popular but i dont recommend them. Many issues, like freezing picture, C lines dont work for a long time etc. I found interesting instructions here:

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