Vu+ Player released for Android devices!

Well I just noticed that Vu+ released their own app for Android devices. I have been waiting for this release for a very long time and now its finally here. I can say that they did a good job. Actually the creator or programmer of this app is the same as Nxtrend app which is made for Xtrend devices. But there are differences. First one is that Nxtrend only works on Xtrend satellite receivers and second difference is that not all features are finished on Nxtrend.

Vu+ on the other hand comes packed with nice features that all work. One of these nice features is Signal meter which just works and you dont need seperate app for this. I also like internal video player with nice little infobar and even second infobar with extended event information. Just like on Enigma 2 itself, niceee! Integrated video player also means you dont need to use external video player which can be problematic as every player has their own set of problems. Also these players do not have infobar for example.

Some of you probably wont like app design which resembles Win8 Metro screen style with tiles. In my opinion design could be better. App is free and works not only on Vu+ but also on my Xtrend ET-5000. This is great and I like Vu+ decision not to limit use of their app only to their receivers. Overall I think that this app is better than Nxtrend and the best app or Enigma 2 receivers. Even Dreambox which has large fan base, especially in Germany, does not have such good app. Actually Dreambox does not have their official app for Android. Not a good decision if you ask me. It seems that Dreambox is going downhill in all areas. Expect pictures soon …


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