CI+ modules can be now used on Vu+ and DM receivers

Recently something came to the surface regarding CI+ modules. First some guys uploaded plugin for new Dreambox receiver 7080HD which uses new version of Enigma. You can get more information here:

Few days ago VTi released new image for Vu+ receiver which has embedded support for CI+ modules. Their official changelog does not contain information about CI+ support but they have added it. More information is available on their forum

Feedback is positive (German users are especially happy as lots of their providers uses CI+ modules) but I am afraid that Vu+ doesn’t have license for CI+ and that CI+ support in VTi is illegal. You may still use it though, just like you use CS. Do not expect official support for OpenPLi and OpenPLi based images unless Vu+ has license for CI+. We may get unofficial built OpenPLi with added support but this is pure speculation.

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